Choosing the right entertainment for your New Jersey event can be tough. Even if it’s not us at D’Amico Entertainment, we want to make sure that you get the absolute best value for your event.

Check out our Top 15 considerations and use it to help evaluate which New Jersey entertainment company you want performing at your next big affair!

  1. Do I like them?
    1. Are they professional, courteous, and empathetic to our/my needs?
    2. Are the people that you are speaking with professional, courteous and empathetic towards your needs? Moreover, are these the people who will be performing at your event? Or will it be some random stranger you’ve never met before?
    3. With D’Amico Entertainment, you’re entire process is a collaboration with Mr. Chris D’Amico—owner, president and masterful entertainment/emcee.
      1. You will always get a chance to meet and speak with the talented entertainers who will perform at your event.
    4. Are they insured?
      1. If something unforeseen and unexpected happens to their equipment, are they covered? Does that affect your pricing? Is this one of those unexpected headaches that comes up when it’s too late?
      2. Worry not, as we at D’Amico Entertainment are fully insured.
    5. Are they full-time company or is this a side job?
      1. Is event entertainment the full-on focus of these professionals, or is this a simple passion project on the side?
      2. At D’Amico Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being fully engaged at each event because this is our main professional focus. Each performer brings over a decade’s worth of qualified experience to our performances, making for a seamless, energized, and authentic musical experience.
    6. Are they experienced (not just 2-3 years)?
      1. How many events have they played at? Maybe they’ve only done 5 events every year for three years—yet they count it as “3 years experience.”
      2. D’Amico Entertainment sets the bar in the New Jersey, New York and metropolitan area as one of the preeminent entertainment companies due to the sheer volume of experience we bring to the table. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of events have ______________.
    7. Do they have state-of-the-art equipment?
      1. Is it hand-me-down or leading technology?
      2. Is it just bright lights and loudness or is there a true range of sound and visuals?
    8. Do they carry backup equipment?
      1. What can we expect in the event something bad happens?
    9. Are they interactive?
      1. Do they just play music or do they get people engaged?
      2. Is there a bit of give and take from the audience?
      3. Can they get people motivated to have a good time?
    10. Can they entertain everyone at my event (only young, only old, both?)
      1. Do they just play old time hits?
      2. Do they just play Billboard Top 100 tracks?
      3. Can they tailor a playlist to my needs and also help in the selection?
    11. Will they provide music for the cocktail hour or just the main part of the reception?
    12. Do they offer live music?
    13. Do they offer DJ?
    14. Do they provide an emcee?
    15. Do they require outside guidance during the event?
    16. Can I customize my playlist or am I limited in my selection?
    17. Do they rock?
      1. Is there any proof of what they can deliver? Videos, testimonials, past experiences and recommendations?
      2. I don’t want to hire an entertainment company just to find out on the day of my event that they can’t deliver.