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The Best Event Entertainment in New Jersey. Period.

There’s something truly special about real, live, professional entertainment. It’s something everyone can enjoy. It’s something everyone can remember. And, if done right, it’s something people will never forget.

At D’Amico Entertainment, that is our mission: to bring top-grade, professional entertainers to your event in order to help make things truly unforgettable.

We offer entertainers for just about every application: Singers, Piano Players, Saxophonists, DJ’s, MC’s, Dancers, Percussionists, and more.

We focus on helping you plan out the entertainment for a truly exciting affair, guiding you each step of the way and respecting your budget, time, and most importantly—your vision. Our “white glove” approach to service puts the focus on you, ensuring that no two events are ever alike.

Setting The Standard

In 1999, we created a unique show package that has since become one of the most popular shows in New Jersey, New York and the surrounding areas. We call it The “DJ Alive” show. Seamlessly fitting into most functions, this fusion of the best an authentic DJ has to offer mixed with the best elements of a live musical performance, is the signature show of our company—guaranteed to make your event stand out from the rest. For over 15 years, D’Amico Entertainment has been performing and refining this show, having performed it over thousands times.

Our entertainers are held to the highest standards, and only a select few are capable of running The “DJ Alive” package. Our commitment to the quality of this show is what’s allowed us to perform it in NY, NJ, PA, VA, DE, MA, CT, FL and beyond—from Las Vegas to Key West. Likewise, our focus on quality live event entertainment has been featured in many publications, including “The Knot” and Brides New Jersey magazines.

Planning When You Need It

Our attention is always on making your party, event, or celebration into “the” event they will talk about for years to come. In order to do that it all starts with what happens before!

We have implemented a client management system. By using it, you are able to:

  • Have your own unique login and password.
  • Plan your affair with forms specific for your event.
  • View & make payments online.
  • Request music and set preferences.

The Chance to Serve You

We aim to make this a successful experience from start to finish. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (973)-585-6150, follow us on Facebook, and for more information fill out our “Contact Us” form.

Thank you for your interest & we look forward to the chance to serve you!

Chris D’Amico
D’Amico Entertainment

"Rock"tail hour!! Sure is funny how the night moves!! ...

9 0

A newer tradition: Ending a reception early and letting the bride and groom share a final dance alone in the room!! What a fantastic way to slow things down as a couple and take your day in!! ...

26 1

LOOKOUT!! Jessica and Dan BLEW UP Picatinnys dance floor tonight!! They made a 🔥 Saturday night live up to it's billing!! Video to follow!! Wow what a party!!

A Teamers: Christian, Paul, Christina, Rob and Luke


9 0

This is Kelly and Chris.. their friends and family waited a loooong time for this overdue party to happen.. (thanks Covid🙄) but when it FINALLY happened... They left it ALL out on the floor!! @falkirkestateandcountryclub were on point as usual and together we gave them the night they deserved to finally have!! All the best!!

A Teamers: Christian and Paul


14 1

Now this is how you end a night!! ...

10 0

This is what they meant when they said there was NO ROOM IN THE INN.. the Old Mill Inns dance floor couldn't fit the crowd.. ...

9 0

All Night Long!!. Here's how we got the party started last night!! ...

7 0

Live Guitar and Vocal Ceremony Processional Music today for a beautiful couple @peronafarms ...

19 0

Don't stop them now... Christian and Paul getting them riled up for a big ending last night!! ...

6 1

Happy Friday... We will be bestowing our talents all weekend to make people forget about life for a while!!


78 6

It's Thursday night!! Way to kick off a long weekend of events!! Take Margaret and Ian for instance.. they certainly knew how to party tonight!!

A Teamers: Christian, Paul and Tom


10 1

Let's make new moments!! Let's make new memories!! ...

29 4

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