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At D’Amico Entertainment, we are fully capable of providing top caliber music and live entertainment for occasions and events of all types. With over 100 years of combined entertainment experience, our musicians offer you a truly unparalleled degree of possibilities for your event.

Our Event Types include:

  • WEDDINGS – Making the happiest day of your life truly superb.
  • CORPORATE EVENTS – Stepping up the energy during your boardroom escape.
  • CASINO NIGHTS – Making everyone feel lucky with great entertainment.
  • BAR/BAT MITZVAHS – Special celebrations for a special day in a young man or woman’s life.
  • SWEET SIXTEENS – Making your son or daughter’s Sweet 16 musically charged!
  • SCHOOL EVENTS – Dances. Major school events. We’re ready to make it spectacular!
  • FAMILY PARTIES – The perfect musical backdrop for your family get together.

We work one-on-one with every client to deliver a custom show and event experience. Ask us today how we can best serve your entertainment needs!

The DJ Alive Show

The signature show that’s made D’Amico Entertainment the live entertainment standard in New Jersey, New York and the Tri-state Area. The DJ Alive Show is the best of both worlds—half live top caliber entertainment and half fully-customized, hand-selected DJ selections. It’s the ultimate event experience, and it’s only provided on a limited basis. So call today!

With D’Amico Entertainment, our goal is simple…

Providing you with The Best Event Entertainment in New Jersey. Period.

When you love what you do.. you never "work" a day in your life!!

Diana and Travis.. thank you for your kind words!! It was the most GORGEOUS night for a wedding!! All of your friends and family had a blast!! AND I GET TO HAVE FUN WITH YOU AGAIN NEXT MONTH TOO!

...except this time you can just relax and not be the bride and groom!! 😂😂

Congrats and good luck!!

What amazing words from an amazing couple..

During this crazy time all we want if for our clients to relax and put their most special day in our hands.. we take each event as seriously as they do..

Samantha and Anthony.. thank you for your more than kind words.. it was more than our pleasure to make your wedding day a memory to last a lifetime...

Best of luck and love!!

What an amazing review from an amazing couple Christian and I got the rare chance to do together!! ...

Oh.. What. A. Night.... Simply and amazing night at one of our homes away from home The Mansion in Mt Lakes!! Thank you Jennifer and Jason for makings us a big part of your special day!

Lots of fun!!


Christian Paul and Joe had a fun night working for Daniel and Lindsey!! They DID NOT STOP DANCING ALL NIGHT!! What a great start to a bust weekend!! We helped our friends at the Mansion make their guests feel comfortable and safe.. while reminding them it's still a party!!


Do you remember?? ..to wear a mask while dancing 😏 ...

It's Too Late To Turn Back Now from Art and Deb entertaining guests as they dine!! ...

Big Praise for Big Events

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